Still all alive

 Jadzia has reached 18 months as of the 18th of May and appears to be a very active toddler .
She goes to Playgroup twice a week at two different playgroups ,one in a centre attached to the Armadale /Kelmscott hospital where I had Jadzia  and all we have to do is bring a piece of fruit  and the other costs us and they provide the fruit and it is all the way in Bibra lake at a Montessori School . I didn't really want to send Jadzia to a playgroup in our local area cos of some of the neaderthals in our areas and the distance that both playgroups are  mean that she is asleep before we get home so I can get lunch or make some food and than sleep .

Still struggling with PND (post natal depression) ,on a new anti depressant and seeing a new psyc and she has a mum like me and I find it disturbing that mums and dads  like mine are a breed of people  and the psyc has had years of therapy to stop her mum from pushing her around (lets hope it's not years for me ).

Ken is has gone beyond getting sick of Coventry ,people are quiting due to stupid decisions that penalize people ,take away things like holidays and sick days and more and more computers are coming back from depots that have been closing down and morale is low and paranoia is high .

The budgies  flock has lessened   in the  female population and the more active Jadzia gets the closer it comes to the budgies being relocated to outside in the cage that has somewhat set up .

Jadzia's room is still getting slowly emptied out and Jadzia is still living in the lounge room .
For some reason it can take Ken more than half an hour to get Jadzia to sleep at night and in the day time I've usually got her to sleep in 15 mins . I'm thinking he talks and plays around with her too much or maybe at nighttime she is just to stubborn to go to sleep .

Most days apart from going to playgroup I tend to sleep ,try and do chores ,go on the computer ,play with Jadzia and occasionally go out somewhere with Jadzia . We do get times when we can out somewhere without Jadzia and times Ken has Jadzia and I get to go by myself or out with some of my friends .

I'd like to have at least a day of having Jadzia in daycare but even with 11 weeks of subsidized daycare we haven't been able to afford to do it thanks to the bills  *sigh*

I'd love to work but most jobs I'm qualified are full time only and the job would just be paying for the childcare and night job would have me whacked for the next day .   

Apart from the bills and depression we are holding on and we know alot of other friends that are doing it tougher than us .
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Getting help take 2

 After having things go pear shape due to a so called shrink and my parents being arses we have to find someone else to talk to .
The person we are going to see is a friend of a friend who is also a pagan .
With worrying about the first meeting I of course can't sleep .

Other news Jadzia went swimming for the first time this week at the Thornlie pool and wasn't too happy getting her face wet at first or having her head under the water . After seeing us going under a few times she slowly started to like it and in the shallow area she was crawling around and getting out of the water in the deeper section .

Looks like we will have to go again sometime in the future .

We finally got have christmas dinner with Ken's parents and they loved the set top box we gave then which was a major improvement on the tv reception and Jadzia loved her electronic keyboard she got from Joan and Bruce's next door neighbour .

Hoping the meal with my parents will delayed for as long as possible .

Anyway that's all for now and off to sleeping and coughing 
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Zombie plague

 All of us are down with a cold , well except for our budgies and today Jadzia threw up on both of us .
Welcome to grouchness central 
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Day before worldcon/Aussiecon 4

After not being allowed to go on our first flight (my fault) ,finding out we could have gone on it due to the plane being delayed and then having the next flight delayed we finally got to Melbourne after 10pm Melbourne time .

After collecting all of our stuff we wandered to our motel which was not that far from the airport  and many was the weather cold and wet .

We stayed at the The Formula 1 motel last  night and boy was the room tiny .

Now this is really small compared to all the country town motels I have stayed at ,the sink was near the bed ,no shower curtain,so the floor near the toilet got wet every time you had a shower, the bathroom was smaller than a an average side wardrobe ,it weirdly had a bunkbed above the double bed and cos of the portacot which we only just fitted in in front of the sink , our luggage went under the bunk bed and the pram was near the door and no wardrobe .

The other weird thing is if you don't check out before 10am your room card no longer works .
The second last time we were in Melbourne we stayed at the Holiday Inn cos there was no way Ken was going to put money into the Hilton's pocket  and if you compare The Holiday Inn at the airport and formula 1 motel its like comparing a youth hostel to a 3 or 4 star motel.

Anyway it was only for one night and today we staying in the Crowne Plaza motel which is not far from ther Convention centre.

Today after after missing breakfast ,having a sleep in we caught a taxi  and arrived at the Motel .

So far we have caught up with some people we have met at previous Worldcon ,had lunch , ran into some friends from Perth .pre-registered for the con and bought some con t-shirts .

Ken went hunting for supplies which turns out to be quite a walk and is giving me a break from the little monster and wandering down stairs and is possible going to check out the convention centre .

So I should be having a rest  cos my back is killing me from weight lifting the monster as well as some tiredness and possible taking up some jeans which I 've meaning to for months .

If you feel like dropping by and saying hello we are in room 718 in the Crowne Plaza and if not I'm sure we'll run into you (hopefully not literally) .


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Omega Man rocks so much more

I watched parts of I am Legend at Swancon this year or last year ,can't remember too well .
Anyway tonight while on my second day of a cold I watched I am Legend in full and with all the effects in it I would rather watch Omega man ten times than watch I am legend again .

My biggest beef with the movie was how crap the so called vampires look and I'm sure Joss Wedon would have thought they looked pretty crap as well .

Most of the movie was pretty dull apart from the few action sequences and I'm thinking of digging out the first I am legend film that has Vincent Price and getting Omega man out of the vid store .

Anyway back to being a Zombie*bleah*
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Not a great day

I can see now why psychologists reckon it's a bad idea for women with depression to have children and add to that an anger problem as well .
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